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LIES/ISLE: Literature: Influence, Echoes, and Systems / Influence of Systems on Literature (as Echoes) // Launched in the interest of what some might call "experimental literature," LIES/ISLE is now simply maintained as an irregularly published themed lit-journal. Edited by M Kitchell, founded with and run for the first three issues with the assistance of J Tian. If you enjoy LIES/ISLE & would like to make a donation to help support the site & its upkeep, feel free to click the "donate" button below. Any amount helps.

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LIES/ISLE is currently accepting submissions for its 8th issue: THE EROTICS OF A QUEER FANTASTIQUE. We are looking for short to short-ish poetry, fiction, videos, hybrid works, etc, that explore a queer eroticism tinged by the fantastique.

I am someone who is somewhere between obsessed & fascinated with the erotic fantastique tradition in French Literature and the tradition of Euro-Horror films in general. I love the way narratives develop, the attention paid to language or form & especially the attention to affect. The problem with these narratives, of course, comes from the fact that they exist almost exclusively within the realm of heterosexuality, & any deviation comes via a lesbian eroticism painted explicitly for the straight male gaze. While the French tradition of erotic/fantastique literature diverges slightly from this binary, it does so in ways that only expand heterosexuality, never approaching a direct queerness. Because of my fascination and obsession with these narrative modes, I've always been interested in how they would function if queered-- there have been minor historical examples by way of authors like Pierre Guyotat and Tony Duvert, & in film the closest we get are the occasional dalliances of Spanish director Eloy de la Iglesias. Consider, as an alternative, the films of Jean Rollin, Jess Franco & Alberto Cavallone re-considered with an explicitly queer sexuality. The novels of Alain Robbe-Grillet, Pauline Reage, Georges Bataille, Mario Mercier, with a contemporary queer bent. An exploration of the obscene & the empty, the sacred and the profane, all the while refusing an insistent heterosexuality. Content of an explicit nature is both allowed & encouraged, so please do not submit if you are averse to explicit acts of queer sex, whether depicted visually, aurally or through language.